Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Monday! & {3 Things} I discovered over the weekend

Hello y'all!  It's a beautiful Monday afternoon over here and I thought I'd pop in to say hi...although at this point of my blog, I am pretty sure that I am just talking to myself, but that's okay, I do that sometimes!  :)

We had a pretty good weekend here, plenty of down time and chill time with my 3 favorite boys (Hubby, my Big Boy and Little Man, that means you!).  There are 3 things that I learned during the course of the last few days...

1) I am a horrible sales person...I kind of already knew that, but it was pretty obvious yesterday when someone asked me about my candles, and I got all bashful about it and just couldn't bring myself to try to make a sale.  Sometimes I think it would be easier just to give them all away, but then the whole point of trying to start a home business would be lost!

2) I am incredibly picky when it comes to selecting what scents I will eventually sell.  Okay, so I already knew this too, but going over the items I've made so far and trying to narrow down the ones that will "make the cut" has opened my eyes to the fact that maybe I'm pickier than I thought, and I guess that can be a good thing!

3) I get way too distracted with wanting to buy stuff on Etsy when I am supposed to be working on selling on Etsy...there is just so much talent out there!  If you've never checked it out you really should just browse some of the amazing listings on  (I've already purchased several things since I started this whole new business venture!  I have to help my fellow Etsy sellers out you know!).

Okay, off to make some new coffee scented wax melts!  Have a great Monday!

Blessings, Grace
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