Sunday, November 25, 2012

CyBeR MoNdAy $ALE!!! :-)

Get in on the savings with the Grace Note Gifts CYBER MONDAY SALE!  Save 30% on ALL of our items with Coupon Code: CYBER30 at Checkout.  Visit to start saving and {loving} our items today.  With over 40 fragrances to choose from PLUS other wonderful gifts you're sure to find something you won't want to miss out on!

Blessings, Grace
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Feature Article in Viva Glam Magazine!

I feel blessed to have my business featured in this lovely article by Candace Kita at Viva Glam Magazine. I would love to share it here with you!  Click on the small image below to be taken directly to the article!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Blessings, Grace
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Exactly {2} Months Until Christmas! STOCK UP & SAVE TODAY! {{{coupon code}}}

Did you realize it's only 2 months until Christmas?!  Wow, it's really time to start thinking Christmas shopping, planning for special holiday festivities and getting in the Christmas spirit. 

Did you know that almost everything that Grace Note Gifts offers is under $10?!  And my most popular items, my Soy Wax Melts, are under $5!  I want to make it simple for people to enjoy a quality gift without having to spend a fortune. 

Stop by to save 25% off your entire order, today October 25th only.  Enter coupon code: SANTASHELPER at checkout...there is a link under the accepted credit cards/paypal payment feature that allows you to enter this code.

Blessings & Happy Shopping!

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scent Spotlight: {Fall Favorites}!

When  it comes to Fall fragrances I am in total scent heaven!  I just love spicy, cozy, warm, robust autumnal aromas!  Aah, sweet bliss!  So, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites...really almost every scent I carry is a "favorite" of mine in some I've said before, I'm a scent-junky!...but these are really what I love to have filling my home with fragrance this time of year:

An honest to goodness true, ripe apple scent with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice to make it a one-of-a-kind apple fragrance you’re sure to love.  Infused with natural cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood essential oils. 

Make your home smell inviting with the delicious scent of warm cinnamon buns, fresh from the oven and dripping with vanilla icing. Infused with natural essential clove oil.

A scent story, just like the fairy tale house that Hansel & Gretel found in the woods...with notes of vanilla icing, spicy cinnamon sticks, warm toasted graham crackers and plump juicy raisins.This fragrance is infused with natural essential Clove oils

A cozy blend of peppermint & pomegranate with notes of peaches, apples, strawberries and a touch of smooth vanilla

Indulge yourself with the sweet aroma of ripe, juicy pears and cask aged brandy. This scent is truly mouthwatering with fresh, authentic fragrance that can be enjoyed in any season.

Fresh from the oven gingerbread fragrance, sweetly scented with notes of vanilla & spices and infused with natural cinnamon leaf essential oil.

With notes of apple, cinnamon, clove & and hint of pumpkin, this scent is sure to remind you of good times spent at home!

A sophisticated fragrance with strong, traditional, apple cider notes, a bit of sugar to sweeten it up and and cloves add a spicy touch. A tart kick of pomegranate rounds out this wonderful autumn fragrance. Infused with natural cardamom, nutmeg, and orange essential oils.

 A fragrance that is true to it's name, bursting with fresh pumpkin, with mouthwatering notes of butter, sugar, and spices.

Enjoy a spicy bouquet of apple & clove with top notes of cinnamon and orange. A warm, musky finish completes this favorite fall scent.

So those are just a few (okay a lot!) of my favorites this fall.  What kind of scents do you enjoy???

Many blessings, 
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy, Happy {FALL}! ~~~Seasonal Decorating~~~~

 When it comes to seasonal decorating my home sort of evolves as the season progresses.  I like to keep things fairly simple, adding some natural touches here and there as inspiration hits.  I love using lots of pieces from nature...acorns, pine cones, wooden baskets filled with sweet little bits of eye candy, vintage items and of course I throw some handmade stuff in there too for good measure.    

Right now my Autumn Decor includes some new, handmade curtains to frame the sliding doors in our adds just the right amount of texture to soften up the harsh corners.  I also pulled out the AUTUMN bunting banner that I made last year. 

 I purchased this awesome, huge galvanized tray from Decor Steals about a month ago...I knew it would be perfect to corral some seasonal decor!

I popped a little faux pumpkin inside one of my pothos plants which I tucked into a vintage berry basket.  Miniature pine cones are piled inside the Ball mason jar, and tiny pumpkins rest inside a nest in the bird cage.  The dried yellow roses were a gift from my hubby (they weren't dried when I got them!) and they found a home in a burlap wrapped vase that I found at Hobby Lobby last year. 

A few pine cones in the basket add a bit more Fall to the mix.  And of course no fall vignette is complete without a candle!  

And here in our piano room off the kitchen I've added a little burlap pumpkin that I made last year, one of my seasonal scented soy wax candles along with some simple pine cones. 

I'll be tweaking things, adding a few more cozy touches along the way and just about when things look "perfect" for autumn I'll start all over and begin decorating for Christmas!  I love shaking things up!  ;-)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Blessings, Grace
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Peer Review & Labor Day Coupon Code!

I received a sweet review from a fellow Etsy seller who purchased a bar of my Mulled Cider Soy Wax Melts.  It was encouraging to read what she said about my product!  Thanks, Chrissy!  Feel free to check out her review by visiting her blog, Kindred Images and Creations!  You can also view her Etsy shop, Kindred Images and Creations, by going here!

Now, onto my Labor Day Coupon Code!  Every other shopping venue seems to be offering up some savings for the upcoming holiday weekend, so I figured I'd jump on board and give you some savings too!  To save 20% on your ENTIRE order, just enter the Coupon Code: LABOROFLOVE when you check out at Grace Note Gifts!  The coupon will be good through Monday, September 3rd!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Grace's Easy-Peasy Texas Chili

So I'm not really a cooking enthusiast, it takes way too much time to make something fancy that is just going to be inhaled in like 30 seconds (my boys, all 3 of them, eat fast and lots...and sometimes forget to thank the cook!), so I like to make it easy-peasy on myself.  I know it's not really chili weather yet, but this Monday called for something in the aforementioned "easy-peasy" I had some stew meat in the freezer that needed to be eaten.  So, here's my recipe for slow cooker Texas Chili..."Texas" because I used big ol' chunks of beef stew meat, and if you live in Texas beef is an essential part to any meal!  ;-)

Grace's Easy-Peasy Texas Chili

2 lb. Beef Stew Meat, seasoned with salt/pepper/garlic

2 cans Chili Beans (I used the Great Value brand, more bang for your buck!)

1 can of Red Beans (again, GV brand)

1 can of Pinto Beans

1 can of Zesty Chili Style Diced Tomatoes

Seasonings of your choice...sometimes I'll add some cumin, sometimes I just leave as is

Dump everything into your slow cooker and cook on high for 4 hours, stirring every hour or so if desired.  Reduce to low for 2 hours.  Done!  Serve with Fritos & Shredded Cheese...for an extra healthy treat add sliced avocados on top!  This dish takes basically zero work, tastes great, is budget friendly!  See, easy-peasy!

So that's what's on the menu for tonight...I've already had a bowl and I'm going back for seconds!  Mmm!  

My two lil' dudes enjoying their dinner!  My big boy gets home late, so he'll enjoy his dinner after work...that's the great thing about slow cookers, your meal never gets cold!  Happy Monday, y'all!

Blessings, Grace

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


A few weeks ago I was talking to my youngest sister, aka Princess, who just happened to be my boys' nanny over the summer.  We were chatting after a fun (and rowdy) afternoon of chasing my little dudes around the splash park in our neighborhood.  The topic of Grace Note Gifts came up, and my lil' sis asked what new scents I was working on.  I wasn't working on anything in particular at the moment, so she had the idea for creating a line, if you will, of scents that would appeal to college aged kids (girls mostly since guys aren't really into this type of thing too much).  Some funny titles came up..."Ring by Spring, Study Break" and the like.  I thought she was really on to something!  Wax warmers along with scented wax tarts are great because unlike traditional candles you can use them in dorm rooms!  So, I would like to introduce to you my newest scent...Homesick...for those days when you want all the familiar scents of home to fragrance your life, wherever you happen to be!

 With notes of apple, cinnamon, clove & and hint of pumpkin, it's sure to remind you of good times spent at home!

This will be available in the coming weeks in my Etsy shop along with other new fragrances I'll be debuting.  

Thanks, Princess, for the inspiration!  Love you!

***If anyone is interested in getting a wax warmer to go along with their Grace Note Gifts Soy Wax Melts, please feel free to email me for a list of warmers I personally recommend!  You can reach me at:

Blessings, Grace

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Friday, August 3, 2012

{Favorite Finds Friday}: Sock Monkey Warmer

As you know I love candles, so you can bet I was super excited to find this little guy while I was out shopping with my boys yesterday...

I love the whimsical effect this Sock Monkey Wax Warmer has in my kitchen.  He is especially fun right now since he is warming up the "Monkey Farts" Soy Wax Melts that I, vanilla & bananas...Mmmm!  ;-)  

If you're interested in getting one of these whimsical warmers you can just click the photo for a link to purchase!  And if you need something yummy smelling to melt in your warmer, come check out the Soy Wax Melts section of my Etsy shop!  I'll be adding new fragrances in the coming weeks for fall, so please be sure to check back again soon!

Blessings, Grace
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer {2012} Mantel...Finally! ;-)

Well I know it's about time I started posting some photos about what I've been up to around here...stuff aside from candles and such!  A few weeks ago I finally came up with a mantel vignette that I'm happy with.  I've played around with several over the last few months, but they all sort of bothered me by looking not quite right.  This one though suits me quite well, and I'm pretty happy about it!  I love the neutrals with the aqua...such a calm and fresh look don'tcha think?!  

I popped bits of moss and other green into some of my vintage blue Ball mason jars, painted some formerly black candlesticks various shades of blue and pale green, added some antique and newer books that fit my color scheme.  I kept a few key elements on my mantel that pretty much are standard fixtures by now...a favorite photo of my precious boys, my vintage window and the anagram painted canvas I made a few months ago.  All together I am super duper pleased with how everything came together to make this a happy place to look at in our home.  

What do you think?!!  I'm off to make a snack for my little monkey, but I'll be back soon with some more of my creative projects!

Blessings, Grace

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

CaNdLe MaKiNg {Creating::Cooking::Curing}

A few days I posted about a couple new soy wax candle scents I was going to be making: Lemon Chiffon & Monkey Farts.  It turns out that Lemon Chiffon turned into Lemon Crème
Pie...I have a hard time just sticking with the premade fragrance oil scents that I buy, and I like to combine compatible fragrances to make my own unique scents, so that's what I did.  And voila, Lemon Crème Pie was created!  You won't find it anywhere else because it's my own Grace Note Gifts special, just like many of my other fragrances!

I thought I'd only have time to make 2 batches of candles (my boys' naps only last so long), but after creating Lemon Crème Pie & the Monkey Farts (deliciously fruity & banana scented) Soy Tarts I kept on going.  I had time to make some fresh and summery Coconut Soy Tarts & also came up with another unique fragrance...Cozy Cabin.  This is one scent I am really happy with, it's my own replication of a candle fragrance I have purchased in the past.  It went by another name of course, and my version is ever so slightly different except for the fact that mine is made with 100% Soy Wax as opposed to the candles I used to buy. 

 Cozy Cabin is a blend of pomegranate, berries & peppermint.  And the fragrance is so cozy and inviting.  I love it!  In fact, when we moved into our current home last year I had the idea to create a scent memory of our moving in.  So, I purchased the candle that inspired me to make Cozy Cabin and had it shipped to our new address.  When we first arrived to unpack our items the box had already been delivered, and as soon as we walked in the door I opened the box and lit my candle.  So now when I smell this scent it reminds me of the happy day we moved into our beautiful home.  

Here are some pics of my candle making process...creating my own unique fragrances, cooking it all up via my wax warmer and the lovely golden wax curing on my countertops!  It's such a fun process!

And here is the finished product!

As usual you can find the rest of my shop items by visiting me at Grace Note Gifts on Etsy!  Y'all have a blessed day!

Blessings, Grace
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Etsy Shop Facebook App!

Happy Friday, y'all!  I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July week!  Our family enjoyed a wonderful day parade, pool fun, carnival, food and fireworks!  You just can't go wrong with that kind of day!

Today's post will be short and sweet...I just wanted to share the new facebook app that I added to my Grace Note Gifts Facebook page!  You can visit my Etsy shop via Facebook by going here!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm off to work on some new candle scents...Lemon Chiffon & Monkey!  My boys think that name is pretty funny!

Blessings, Grace
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

{Vintage Berry Basket}: A Collection of Summery Berry Scents!

Ah, sweet summertime!  Even though it's usually hotter than heck here in Texas, summer is still my favorite time of the year.  Swimming, Picnics, lots of free time to spend with friends and family...really, summer is just the greatest!  So, to kick-start the season I've made up a little goodie basket with three of my favorite Berry Scents!  AND, they are all sweetly nestled in a vintage wooden berry basket!  This and an assortment of other gift items (soy wax melts, handmade jewelry, vintage goodies) is available right now in my shop!

Oh, and don't forget to use my coupon code SUMMERLOVIN to receive 10% your entire purchase...all summer long!

Blessings, Grace
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Freedom! {4th of July Decor}

It was for freedom that Christ set us free; 
therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.  
Galatians 5:1

Since the 4th of July is just around the corner I took some time yesterday to update our front door to honor the upcoming birthday celebration of our country.  Lucky for me I usually have lots of leftover crafting items, so the cost breakdown of this little project was only $5!...$2 for the wreath, $2 for the wreath hanger and $1 for the little flags.  I had the rest of the items already!

The FREEDOM banner was made using some cut up pieces of an old pair of blue jeans, some white cotton fabric I had on hand, painted with some leftover red craft paint.  I hot glued my bunting to some jute upholstery webbing.  

For the wreath I just wrapped some American flag ribbon I've had for just ages around the wreath and hot glued it to secure it to the wreath.  A simple bow made from upholstery webbing and two small American flags complete this simple wreath.  

Not bad for 5 bucks, huh?!

{{{{{{{{{Happy 4th of July!}}}}}}}}}

Blessings, Grace

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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Rat {My Not-So-Girly, Real Life Adventures with Boys!}

If you've seen Grace Note Gifts on Etsy or Facebook then you might think that I'm a total girly know, the type of girl that always is cutely dressed and accessorized with something like these...

After all, I make some pretty girly stuff, and my home usually smells like heaven...

But in real life, I'm a mom to two, cute and ever mischievous little boys.  Most of my life revolves around feeding their hungry little mouths, laughing at their silly "boy noises" (I'm talking burps and toots here!), breaking up tussles over toys and hunting for the next cool looking bug or creature.  That's probably why I try to go girly in other areas of my life...aka my Etsy Shop...I gotta get my girly in somewhere!  Because when you're a mom of only boys, there just isn't a whole lot of girly going on!  Here's a snippet of my "real life" from a blog post I wrote on my personal blog...I thought y'all might like to see what I do on a normal day!  :-)


When you're a mom of boys (or at least a cool mom, lol!) you think differently about wildlife.  The interesting world of worms, bugs and small creatures is something that is intriguing and a part of daily life.  So, today, after chasing grasshoppers (Big Brother caught one!) and feeding ducks it was only fitting, when I saw a smallish, baby rat sort of crawling aimlessly of our our garage, that I should catch it!  Yes, I know that's sort of gross, yes, rodents are pests but my boys were so excited, and I wanted to feed their curious little minds.  And, while I may have screeched like a little school girl during the retrieval process, I came out victorious and the baby rat was caught!

If you think of rats like the cute little one off of Pixar's Ratatouille then really, they're sort of adorable.  Too bad this one can't cook a gourmet meal though, that sure would come in handy!

So here's our new little friend.  We'll keep him around a day or so and then let him go to face whatever his fate is...

Here's to all moms of boys who go out of their comfort zone to please and appease curious little minds!

Blessings, Grace

Happy Friday, y'all!
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