Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy, Happy {FALL}! ~~~Seasonal Decorating~~~~

 When it comes to seasonal decorating my home sort of evolves as the season progresses.  I like to keep things fairly simple, adding some natural touches here and there as inspiration hits.  I love using lots of pieces from nature...acorns, pine cones, wooden baskets filled with sweet little bits of eye candy, vintage items and of course I throw some handmade stuff in there too for good measure.    

Right now my Autumn Decor includes some new, handmade curtains to frame the sliding doors in our adds just the right amount of texture to soften up the harsh corners.  I also pulled out the AUTUMN bunting banner that I made last year. 

 I purchased this awesome, huge galvanized tray from Decor Steals about a month ago...I knew it would be perfect to corral some seasonal decor!

I popped a little faux pumpkin inside one of my pothos plants which I tucked into a vintage berry basket.  Miniature pine cones are piled inside the Ball mason jar, and tiny pumpkins rest inside a nest in the bird cage.  The dried yellow roses were a gift from my hubby (they weren't dried when I got them!) and they found a home in a burlap wrapped vase that I found at Hobby Lobby last year. 

A few pine cones in the basket add a bit more Fall to the mix.  And of course no fall vignette is complete without a candle!  

And here in our piano room off the kitchen I've added a little burlap pumpkin that I made last year, one of my seasonal scented soy wax candles along with some simple pine cones. 

I'll be tweaking things, adding a few more cozy touches along the way and just about when things look "perfect" for autumn I'll start all over and begin decorating for Christmas!  I love shaking things up!  ;-)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Blessings, Grace
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