Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scent Spotlight: {Fall Favorites}!

When  it comes to Fall fragrances I am in total scent heaven!  I just love spicy, cozy, warm, robust autumnal aromas!  Aah, sweet bliss!  So, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites...really almost every scent I carry is a "favorite" of mine in some I've said before, I'm a scent-junky!...but these are really what I love to have filling my home with fragrance this time of year:

An honest to goodness true, ripe apple scent with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice to make it a one-of-a-kind apple fragrance you’re sure to love.  Infused with natural cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood essential oils. 

Make your home smell inviting with the delicious scent of warm cinnamon buns, fresh from the oven and dripping with vanilla icing. Infused with natural essential clove oil.

A scent story, just like the fairy tale house that Hansel & Gretel found in the woods...with notes of vanilla icing, spicy cinnamon sticks, warm toasted graham crackers and plump juicy raisins.This fragrance is infused with natural essential Clove oils

A cozy blend of peppermint & pomegranate with notes of peaches, apples, strawberries and a touch of smooth vanilla

Indulge yourself with the sweet aroma of ripe, juicy pears and cask aged brandy. This scent is truly mouthwatering with fresh, authentic fragrance that can be enjoyed in any season.

Fresh from the oven gingerbread fragrance, sweetly scented with notes of vanilla & spices and infused with natural cinnamon leaf essential oil.

With notes of apple, cinnamon, clove & and hint of pumpkin, this scent is sure to remind you of good times spent at home!

A sophisticated fragrance with strong, traditional, apple cider notes, a bit of sugar to sweeten it up and and cloves add a spicy touch. A tart kick of pomegranate rounds out this wonderful autumn fragrance. Infused with natural cardamom, nutmeg, and orange essential oils.

 A fragrance that is true to it's name, bursting with fresh pumpkin, with mouthwatering notes of butter, sugar, and spices.

Enjoy a spicy bouquet of apple & clove with top notes of cinnamon and orange. A warm, musky finish completes this favorite fall scent.

So those are just a few (okay a lot!) of my favorites this fall.  What kind of scents do you enjoy???

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  1. I think Hansel and Gretel's house will be on the way to my house sometime before the Holidays :)


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