Friday, June 15, 2012

The Rat {My Not-So-Girly, Real Life Adventures with Boys!}

If you've seen Grace Note Gifts on Etsy or Facebook then you might think that I'm a total girly know, the type of girl that always is cutely dressed and accessorized with something like these...

After all, I make some pretty girly stuff, and my home usually smells like heaven...

But in real life, I'm a mom to two, cute and ever mischievous little boys.  Most of my life revolves around feeding their hungry little mouths, laughing at their silly "boy noises" (I'm talking burps and toots here!), breaking up tussles over toys and hunting for the next cool looking bug or creature.  That's probably why I try to go girly in other areas of my life...aka my Etsy Shop...I gotta get my girly in somewhere!  Because when you're a mom of only boys, there just isn't a whole lot of girly going on!  Here's a snippet of my "real life" from a blog post I wrote on my personal blog...I thought y'all might like to see what I do on a normal day!  :-)


When you're a mom of boys (or at least a cool mom, lol!) you think differently about wildlife.  The interesting world of worms, bugs and small creatures is something that is intriguing and a part of daily life.  So, today, after chasing grasshoppers (Big Brother caught one!) and feeding ducks it was only fitting, when I saw a smallish, baby rat sort of crawling aimlessly of our our garage, that I should catch it!  Yes, I know that's sort of gross, yes, rodents are pests but my boys were so excited, and I wanted to feed their curious little minds.  And, while I may have screeched like a little school girl during the retrieval process, I came out victorious and the baby rat was caught!

If you think of rats like the cute little one off of Pixar's Ratatouille then really, they're sort of adorable.  Too bad this one can't cook a gourmet meal though, that sure would come in handy!

So here's our new little friend.  We'll keep him around a day or so and then let him go to face whatever his fate is...

Here's to all moms of boys who go out of their comfort zone to please and appease curious little minds!

Blessings, Grace

Happy Friday, y'all!
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