Monday, June 4, 2012

The Power of Words

The last several months I've been made even more aware of the power of words and the impact that meditating on truthful words has in my life.  I tend to overstress a lot of times, and doubts and negative thinking clouds my judgment and makes for some very unhappy, I decided recently to surround myself with Scripture and other words of wisdom and happy little texts so that my days are filled with thinking on what's true and not with negative thoughts.  Since I am in my kitchen a majority of the day (it seems like between feeding my little guys, cleaning up and preparing for the next meal I'm always in this room!) I decided to put a lot of the words in here... 

 When it comes down to it, I am more than blessed!
My Motherhood Mantra
Words of comfort and photos of precious people!
Great words to live by!
Three little of our family's favorite songs!  :-)
Love this verse!
One of my favorite poets. 

What words encourage you???

Happy Monday, y'all!

Blessings, Grace

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  1. I love the words you chose. There are so many scriptures to choose from. Certainly the one from Jeremiah that you picked is a comfort. On days when I am not caught up in my blessings, I tend to be caught up in praise. Rev.4:8 "Holy, holy, holy,Lord God Almighty, Who was and Is and is to come."

  2. Fantastic words - I especially love your "mother's mantra" - with 2 toddlers, I should have that tattooed to my arm as a constant reminder. I'd say one of my quotes that I live by is "everything happens for a reason".
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following...I'm following you back. Your jewelry is beautiful!!


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