Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Best Kind of Scents {and they're NOT Candles!}

I am a scent addict...good ones, that is...and ever since I can remember I have had a love of wonderful fragrances.  In fact, when I was just a little girl, probably 4ish or so I would walk around with my little purse, and I would stash my mom's leftover gum wrappers in it.  I called them my "smellies" and would go around and sniff them and enjoy their scent...and, if people were lucky I'd even give them a sniff...but I would never let them keep my smellies, or so I've been told!  So, you can see my love of happy fragrances began very early!  :)

However, there are some scents that I would consider my very favorite...and they are the kind you just can't bottle up or put into a candle or even try to come close to imitating.  Good, God-given smells that I just love:

The smell right before a storm...fresh and wet and earthy and clean.  Love it!

The scent of my little boys' hair right after their naps...sort of a sweet, baby sweat scent mixed with cotton.  You might think I'm weird, but I love when my boys smell "like a nap"...maybe it's a crazy mom thing, but I love it!
 (My own image, please don't copy!)

The smell of a brand new book...you can just sense the story that is about to unfold as you flip through the crisp pages.

There are so many wonderful fragrances that God has given us, and I am just thankful that I get to enjoy them!  Hope y'all are doing well.  I am off to work on some Etsy inventory and to finish up my son's wedding attire for my sister's wedding this weekend...he is going to be the cutest ring-bearer (along with his cousin!).  Can't wait!

Blessings, Grace

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