Monday, April 23, 2012

Showing Off My Planties: {Thanks to the Nester's Planty Party!}

A couple of weeks ago the Nester did several posts about using plants in your home decor...well, she inspired me to add a few bits of green around my home which I showed you here.  Today Nester is hosting a Planty Party, and I just had to link up!  Thank goodness that she encouraged us to be brave and embrace adding greenery even if it meant that eventually we'd kill a plant, 'cause I'm pretty sure I've already killed one in the last two weeks!  :-)  BUT, I am still working on this green thumb thing, and I am lovin' the fresh, green, live colors in my home...while it lasts!

So, here are my plants!

 pretty sure I already killed one of the succulents...I don't know how...too much water?  too little sun???

outdoor herb garden & bird watching area...we have a pair of cardinals that frequent this part of our yard!

 some planties in the kitchen!

these have done surprisingly well with the artificial light...they've actually grown a bit since I bought them!

 more kitchen plants I love...I am loving the pretty blue pot they're in too!

 pretty green, live plants...for now!

 and did you know you can put green onions in water and have perpetual fresh onions to add to your cooking?  simply immerse the bulbs in water with their roots and the green tips will continue to grow.  when you're ready to use some, just snip off what you need and the bulb will shoot up a new green stem you can cut later on!  (oh, and notice my two sweet little seedlings in the background of the picture...these are my favorite things to cultivate!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing my planties!  Thanks, Nester, for the chance to show them off!

Blessings, Grace

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  1. I love plants! And yours look wonderful. Thank you for sharing. My kids are really bad with them though.... i only have an aloe left. It has survived by being in a hanging pot, lol. But I grow tons of out side plants both in my flower bed and in containers. I am going to slowly add more inside.


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