Monday, April 16, 2012

My Own Little Secret Store! {Organizing my Etsy Items!}

Spring cleaning fever has definitely gotten to me, and my most recent effort to clean & organize led me to creating my own little store front.  A place where all my Grace Note Gifts Etsy items are easily at hand, all my shipping material is ready to go, and a spot where I can re-evaluate my inventory and keep tabs on what needs replenishing.

It was a simple project.  I just emptied an old Ikea desk of ours (previously used as a china hutch of sorts) and papered the back of the shelves and the insides of the doors with some lovely wrapping paper I found at World Market.  Then I got various baskets and containers that I already had laying around my home and used them to house the various necessities for my shop.

I love how I can view everything at once, easily ship items...and I kind of like the little set up just to look at, haha! ;-)  What can I say, I'm proud of what I make!  I love having hidden organization...from the outside this looks like just a regular desk, and on the inside it is my own little secret store! 

A few things I'll be adding soon:

Hope that everyone's Monday is off to a good start!  Have a blessed week!

Blessings, Grace
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