Monday, April 9, 2012

My Own Little Store Front: {Organizing My Etsy Shop Wares} Sneak Peek!

Today I have been on the organizing warpath!  It started out with my kid's was a mess, toys everywhere, goldfish crumbs strewn about and it was driving me crazy.  It only takes my boys about 0.2 seconds to make a room like a tornado came through it, so messiness is just a fact of life, but today I had just about had it, and after cleaning up a lot of our toys ended up in our garage sale pile...just don't tell my boys!  :)

After cleaning up the playroom I decided to sort of set up my own little store front for my Etsy wares.  I've had all my stuff semi-organized, but my pantry was getting crowded with all my inventory and candle making supplies, and I really wanted a place where I could easily get to all of my things, see what I have on hand, and package up my orders efficiently.

Enter a little used desk that had previously stored my collection of teacups, various serving platters and vintage serving pieces.  I rarely, if ever, opened up that desk, and I really prefer a piece of furniture to be functional!  So now all those items are taking residence elsewhere in my kitchen cabinets, and here is a little sneak peek into what I am affectionately calling my own little store front!

I can't wait to have it completely organized.  I will try to have it ready for the full reveal later this week!

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

Blessings, Grace
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