Friday, April 20, 2012

Something Fun for Friday {Coffee in a Tea Cup!}

This past week has been sort of stressful...some of that "real life" stuff has been gettin' in the today I thought I'd post something just for fun.

A week or so ago as I was cleaning out my "china hutch" (you can read that here) I got out my little collection of tea cups.  I was "into" collecting them about 15 years ago or so but they have largely remained unused.  I wanted that to change, so I decided to display them in a way that would encourage more use!  Every morning I have a cup (or two) of why not have it in one of my sweet tea cups?!  I especially love that I have written in permanent marker underneath my cups saying who the cup came from and when I received it.  How special!  So now as I drink my coffee I can also remember the sweet person who gave me my cup!

Here's to drinking coffee in a tea cup!  Cheers!

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