Sunday, May 6, 2012

Forced Creative Break & My Latest Creations

Hello, my dear Grace Note Gift're out there, aren't you?  Haha!  :-)  Well, this week has me taking a "forced creative break" more or less.  Long story short I'll be in the hospital a few days, surgery, yuck, no fun but necessary.  After that I'm not sure if I'll feel up to creating for a few days as I recover, so I just wanted to give you a heads up!  Not that I'm all that super active on this blog yet, but just in case you come to check in on me and wonder where I've been, now you'll know! :-)

I'll leave you with some photos of my latest creations before I take my mini hiatus (my Etsy Shop is on "Vacation Mode" until I return):

 Sterling Silver Earrings: Perfect for Spring!

Sterling Silver with Natural Rose Quartz: Beautiful!

Got the Blues?...Maybe these will be right up your alley!

Some Yummy New Scents:

See y'all next week!

Blessings, Grace

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  1. I hope by this Mother's Day you are feeling better. Prayers. Stop by when you are back on your feet.


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